Pega 3

what is pega 3

We are going to discuss about the Pega 3 lottery game. As mentioned above, it is a 3 digit game, which is played every day except on Sunday at 7:00 PM. The time was 10:00 PM but it was later changed to the current timing by 1st November. The draw method is the mechanical lottery ball machine. The jackpot Prize value of Pega 3 is $500. The odds of winning the jackpot are about one in a thousand. Each Pega 3 number has a unique identity and there are different ways to categorize the numbers.

Pega 3 winning Numbers

Pega 3 Dia

Date: Saturday, March 14, 2020




Jackpot: $500

Pega 3 noche

Date: March 14, 2020




Pega 3 Loteria Electronica

The trend of playing lottery games has been carried on from centuries way before the 20th century. Pega 3 loteria electronica or loteria electronica Pr is the best game.

One of the famous lottery games is offered by the Treasury Department of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico Lottery also known as Lotería de Puerto Rico in Spanish. It is one of the oldest lottery systems in the United States of America. It started back in 1934. All the lottery games that the establishment offers are Pega 2, Pega 3, Pega 4, Powerball, and lastly Loteria Tradicional.

Those who are new players might get confused as these Spanish names are translated differently. For example, Pega 3 or pega tres is also known as Pick 3 and Paste 3 as well. To make things a bit easier to understand, Pega 2 means a 2 digit numbers game. Pega 3 means a 3 digit numbers game while Pega 4 means a 4 digit numbers game. Loto Plus and Revancha means a 5/40 + 1/15 game, Powerball means a 5/69 +1/26 game and lastly, Loteria Tradicional means the non-traditional game.

The lottery offers instant scratch-off games and electronic lottery tickets as well. The Lottery has daily draws of Pega 3 and Pega 4 at 1 pm and 7 pm except Sunday. The results are posted online at their website at Lottery post, making it easier for the player to play from anywhere in the world. Their app can also be used for viewing scores and playing the game itself. The name of the app is Lotto Results(loteria Puerto Rico ).

GameDraw TimeJackpot
Pega 3 1:00 PM ET (GMT-5:00) $500
Pega 4 1:00 PM ET (GMT-5:00) $5000

About Pega 3 Game

Pega 3 is a little different than a traditional lottery game because the prize value depends on the type of play and how much the player can spend on each play. There are two main ways to play Pega 3. The first way is to let the lottery terminal decide the numbers for the player by assigning the easy ticket at a cost of a dollar. This will assign random numbers automatically with the play type of a straight match. The second way is where the player chooses the numbers himself/herself. The player will choose three numbers from 0 to 9. Secondly, the player will need to choose the play type. The options are match straight, match-box, match straight with box, match left pair, match right pair, and match split pairs.

Pega 3 Prize

The prizes in this lottery are smaller than other lotteries but the odds of winning are better. As an extra bit of convenience, the player can play for more than one drawing by marking the Multiple Draw section. The player can choose up to 30 draws per ticket! The player can go from doing 3 draws per ticket to 30 draws which provides a greater chance of winning. The prize can range from $40 to $500. If $0 is shown then that means that no one won in that category. An important fact about this game is that the prize value depends on the amount of the wager given by the player. If the wager is increased from a dollar to two dollars then the prize value will also be doubled.

On the wager of one dollar, some common prize values are $40, $80, $160, $290, $330, and $500. For more than $250 the odds are usually one in a thousand. Players have a higher chance when the prize is less than $250.

How to Win

Tips & Suggestions

Players can use the predicted hot, cold and overdue numbers from the past 30 draws which are available on their mobile app. This strategy is based on monitoring lottery numbers that have dropped out over time. The numbers which drop out most are called hot while those who drop out rarely are called cold. Players can use the app to see the frequency analysis of each digit in the past draws and see which is hot cold or neither. This gives an idea to the player as to how the numbers can be chosen and what set of numbers increase the player’s chance to win the game.